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Wolverine Tube Europe

This company’s origins date back to 1935 in Apeldoorn. In 2000, the business became part of the Wolverine Tube Group. Wolverine Tube is a world leader in the production and delivery of technologically advanced copper and copper alloy tubes and related products for the air treatment and heat exchange industry. Other alloys such as nickel, brass, cupronickel and titanium are also offered. Since 2014, Wolverine Tube Europe is an independent company.

Wolverine Tube Europe offers a wide range of tubes and tube-related products, particularly copper and copper alloy products. Wolverine Tube Europe primarily supplies tubing for heat exchangers and condensers, but also for pressure meters and regulators, the welding industry, cooling and air treatment applications and the processing industry. Countless types of alloys are available, and sizes, tolerances, and processing can also be fully tailored to the client’s wishes.

Wolverine Tube Europe’s customers are mostly manufacturers of heat exchangers or cooling appliances for shipbuilders, the processing industry, and manufacturers of vehicles, power plants and desalinisation plants. With producers as well as with clients, long-term collaborations spanning decades are usually the norm rather than the exception. Their excellent reputation as a reliable supplier of made-to-measure solutions provides a solid customer base. And the positive references from existing customers has led to a steady increase in new customers. Few companies can offer such solid reliability and expertise in the market in combination with an affordable price.

Wolverine Tube Europe manages every step in the production chain for their customers: purchasing of materials, packaging, labelling, transport to the shipping point or the final destination, inspections, customs clearance, documentation and testing certificates. All these processes follow international standards and project specifications. Fast and efficient management of the supply chain is also a distinguishing factor.

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