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Vinovicchio B.V. is an importer of quality Italian wines from small and medium-sized organic wine producers. Founder Stan de Jong turned his passion for wines into his career. Repeated trips to Italian vineyards in the Italian wine region of Puglia culminated in an exclusive dealership of various renowned wine houses for the Netherlands and China in 2016.

Stan: ‘We mostly work with the smaller organic wine houses, traditional family businesses that have been in the hands of the same families for generations. You can taste the passion and the love of these families in the wines we directly and exclusively import. Over the years, we have built up close friendships with our Italian wine producers.

Our love for wine is shared by our customers, mostly restaurants and catering businesses, hotels, yachts, sommeliers and other wine enthusiasts. The collection includes a broad range of top-quality wines that cater to the premium house wine, middle and high-end market segments.

Export to China

We made our entrance into the Chinese wine market through a befriended business acquaintance who is active in the Chinese furniture market. We started out with a joint trade fair stand with Asiades Furniture in the fifth edition of Prowein China in Shanghai. The booth was a unique mix of wines and Dutch furniture design, aimed at the Chinese restaurant, catering and hotel market. The striking stand combined with excellent wines in various price ranges made us stand out from the rest.

The wine market in China has several specific characteristics. The alcohol content must be in whole percentages; a wine with an alcohol content of 13.5 per cent is not allowed. When Chinese companies take their business partners out to dinner, they bring their own wine with them, which is then consumed at the dinner table. Wine is used by Chinese businessmen to impress their business relations. Besides a refined taste, aspects such as presentation and story-telling also play a significant role.

Stan has extensive market experience, which is reflected in the bottles and labels’ design. The grapes are hand-picked, for example, and the various labels are numbered by hand. Chinese love these kinds of details, and it’s one of the reasons why several pallets of wine are sent to Chinese companies each week.

The range of wines and customer base is steadily growing. The current focus remains on the Netherlands and China, and surrounding countries in the long term.

Export country: China