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VHP Security Paper

A long time ago, in 1644, paper was being produced here by the company ‘t Voorslob. Back then they did not produce banknotes, this came to a change in 1880, from then on they started production of banknotes. Van Houten en Palm was the company doing this, VHP for short. Not always did a private company produce banknotes. From 1978 to 1985 the Nederlandsche Bank was owner, but not for long, because the bank sold the company to Van Gelder Papier, who handed it over to Arjowiggings in 2000. There is a new owner since August 2017: Oberthur Fiduciaire from France and the company is again called “VHP Security Paper”.

Eight billion people across the globe make use of VHP's unique product every day. The production process requires both a high degree of craftsmanship and a healthy dose of innovation. To retain its leading market position, VHP distinguishes itself by guaranteeing the highest quality for its product. VHP is constantly focused on optimising both the product and the production process to live up to this promise. Sustainability also plays a key role; VHP strives to achieve the perfect balance between people, planet, and profit.

To that end, VHP is working together with the new owner to ensure that the entire banknote production process is carried out with sustainability in mind: developing proper working conditions, limiting chemical and pesticide use wherever they can, adhering to fair trade practices, and generating as little waste as possible. 

Moreover, the Apeldoorn-based company is strongly focused on innovation. Two excellent innovative examples are a special coating that protects the banknotes from wear and tear and a coating that kills viruses and bacteria. These coatings are patented by VHP and are now in use all over the world. That's certainly something to be proud of. Concerning export ambitions, VHP Security Paper wants to be the best producer of banknotes in the world; the export will follow by itself.

Export countries: worldwide