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Vexcolt Europe

Vexcolt Europe is one of the leading manufacturers of movement and expansion joints. These joint profiles are used to offset movement and stress in floors, walls, bridges and locks with smart, patented joint profiles that move in every direction. These profiles shift unseen and unnoticed with the construction and contain other ‘invisible safety measures’ such as fire-retardant and waterproof properties. Floors, walls, locks and bridges need space to move. If they aren’t given that space, nature will take matters into its own hands by causing the construction to crack at random, causing a bridge to fail to open as a result, for example.

Over the course of decades, Vexcolt Europe has developed extensive knowledge and expertise in the field of expansion and control joints: facilitating freedom of movement while bearing in mind application-specific requirements and safety standards to allow aesthetically pleasing yet affordable movement solutions. This knowledge is actively shared with partners to prevent problems from arising during and particularly after construction. A special, thick handbook has been written in multiple languages to support architects and builders worldwide with information about the expansion and movement properties of building materials.

Vexcolt Europe works worldwide with the top 250 internationally operating architects and construction companies. Together, they realise large and small projects on all continents across the globe. Large-scale and unique projects vary from airports (Heathrow, Dubai, Dallas, Kuala Lumpur & Hong Kong), stadiums (stade France, Wembley, Chelsea), train stations (London, Bangkok, Delhi), shopping centres, offices and apartment buildings. Between 20 and 80 large projects are realised on an annual basis.

Vexcolt Europe is usually involved with projects from a very early stage. For example, the first consultation with the architect and the builder about the construction approach for Utrecht Central Station took place ten years before the many miles of customised profiles were delivered on-site. The company’s main strength lies in actively collaborating on and providing bespoke solutions for the customer. These are then produced under the company’s supervision at sites close to the project or customer location.

Vexcolt Europe’s main office relocated to Apeldoorn in 2020. Together with other construction and construction-related partners, a new building experience centre will be opened on the Zwitsal grounds that will be unique in Europe and beyond. From this location, Vexcolt continues to work on the continued growth of the business. Their offices and sales offices in the United Kingdom, the United States, the Middle East, India and Hong Kong will help support this growth.

Export countries: dozens of countries across all continents with a focus on Europe.