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Trias Trailers

In 1959, a professor teaching at the technical university in Delft discovered he had time on his hands and started to produce the three-wheelers that peel farmers used to transport their wares. This quickly developed into manufacturing all kinds of vehicle trailers. Today, the Apeldoorn-based trailer manufacturer is entirely focused on producing specialised vehicles in the broadest sense of the word. Trias has created a name for themselves in this field by constructing special trailers for highly specialised applications. Twenty-five employees work at Trias Trailers.

Focus on bespoke solutions

Trias distinguishes itself by its customer-oriented approach. Each project starts with extensive consultation with the customer, where all the customer’s specific needs and wishes are discussed to arrive at the ideal vehicle. Those requirements are then worked out in a 3D model, so the client knows exactly what the final result will look like. Potential additional requirements or adjustments are then applied before drafting and presenting a final drawing for approval by the customer.

After the drawing is approved, the components required for the manufacture, such as laser cutting, bending, plasma cutting and other steel materials, are ordered. All the steel components then undergo hot-tip galvanisation, where each part is immersed in a bath of molten zinc at about 400 degrees Celsius. This ensures a durably preserved final product. The lifespan of a hot-dip galvanised Trias trailer is about 40 years as opposed to an average trailer, which has a lifespan of 7 to 10 years. A very profitable solution!

After the parts are galvanised, the product is assembled. After a final technical inspection, the trailer is inspected by the RDW (Netherlands Vehicle Authority) or TÜV if required. Between 1,000 and 1,500 man-hours of work are usually spent on each trailer, and between 80 and 120 trailers are sold each year. One of the in-house specialities is the manufacturing of trailers for truck transportation. Scania in Zwolle produces an average of 100 trucks every day. These trucks need to be transported all over Europe. Among these transporters are many satisfied Trias customers. Director Leo Oosterkamp: ‘We see that our customers are often very proud of the materials we have built for them, and that makes us happy. We have plenty of orders, and the future is looking bright for us. That’s why we have recently expanded our business so that we are even better prepared for the future.’

Export countries: Belgium, Germany, Poland, Saudi Arabia