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Sylryk Energie en Bouwmanagement

Sylryk Projectmanagement was established in 2002 by Sylvia Lisapaly-de Winkel. Back then, she was active in the heating and sanitation field, and she loved to manage processes. With Sylryk, Sylvia and her team focus on project management, taking care of everything from project specifications and selecting architects and contractors to turn-key delivery of construction projects. Over recent years, Sylvia’s business has grown tremendously from doing everything herself to a company with a team of employees and a flexible pool of specialised contractors.

Sylryk started by managing construction projects in the broadest sense of the word under the name Sylryk Projectmanagement. Their launching customer was the famous Hotel De Wereld in Wageningen. The owner was unable to realise the required renovations within the available budget. Thanks to Sylryk, they eventually completed the renovations and within the required timeframe, which was just as well because the first weddings were already scheduled.  Over the years, Sylryk has specialised in developing care-related real estate and converting listed buildings. A second important branch of the business is their consultancy agency. Its consultancy services help property owners manage their real estate optimally, meet current rules and regulations, and make sustainable investments for the future.

Sylryk’s clients vary from housing corporations to small and large investors, pension funds and other companies. Sylvia: ‘A lot of housing corporations were significantly downsized in terms of personnel during the 2008-2010 crisis, and we now see that many businesses lack the expertise to provide in-house project management. Our services cater to this need; we are independent and know exactly which parties are the best fit for a project. Architects and construction companies tend not to be generalists and often specialise in a certain segment. By working with them on a project-by-project basis, we can produce the best results for the client.’ 

Realising sustainability

Sylryk’s customers come from all over the country and sometimes beyond. A recent large and prestigious project was taking on the entire project management for making two residential towers in Amsterdam more energy-efficient. These two tower blocks housed 180 apartments. Sylryk arranged matters such as communications with the residents, permits, contracting and complying with ecological regulations. The company was commissioned to renovate the apartments to convert them from a D energy label certification to an A-class label, an amazing project where Sylryk took everything out of the client’s hands. Today, Sylryk’s reputation as a reliable partner has led the business to develop many long-term partnerships with its clients.

Export country:  Belgium