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ST&D stands for: Security, Technics and…Development. The Apeldoorn-based company designs, builds and maintains turn-key solutions for controlled access, including parking systems, gate barriers, access control systems and dynamic city perimeter security. Their solutions can often be found in and on: city centres, airports, parking garages, marinas, hotels, schools, hospitals, corporate buildings and sites, campsites and holiday parks.

In 1995, the parking spaces at the Steenbergen Garage in Apeldoorn were constantly occupied by unauthorised vehicles.  To combat this, the erstwhile director developed an access control system and placed this in front of the parking spaces. When more and more business started requesting this service, the garage decided to set up a separate company, ST&D Apeldoorn B.V. Today, 24 professionals work daily on full-service and fully customised parking and access control solutions.

The products are developed, produced and maintained in-house. The company also works closely with partner businesses. For example, ST&D is proud of its long-standing partnership with Nedap. In the Netherlands, only three selected companies work together with this high-tech business in urban perimeter security.

The power of service

ST&D’s strength lies in the combination of state-of-the-art products with a high level of service. The Apeldoorn-based company allows its clients to improve the level of service to their customers significantly. A fitting example of this is the access control systems that ST&D supplies to holiday parks and campsites. Friday afternoons are a peak period for guest registration. Many reception areas cannot handle the high volume, leading to dissatisfied guests who are kept waiting. For many entrepreneurs in the tourism sector, ST&D has arranged electronic access to the grounds. A camera attached to the barrier scans the vehicle’s number plate and recognises it as belonging to an authorised vehicle, bids the guests a personal welcome and guides the vehicle to the camping pitch or bungalow. This can often reduce the peak workload for reception areas by up to 80% while adding value to the guest experience.

Dynamic perimeter security

A significant growth market is dynamic perimeter security solutions for parts of cities and city centres or business estates. Municipalities and governments are constantly faced with the challenge of managing and maintaining traffic and parking flows to keep their cities safe and liveable. Dynamic perimeter security is one form of management; certain groups are allowed access at certain times. ST&D is frequently involved in such projects from an early stage as an expert partner, which often benefits the result. Roermond, Kerkrade and Arnhem are just a few examples of cities where ST&D has implemented a dynamic perimeter security system. You will also find ST&D’s retractable bollards in the Apeldoorn city centre. More projects in town centres in the Netherlands and abroad are also in the pipeline.

Export countries: Belgium, Bonaire, Denmark, Germany, Luxembourg, Tanzania, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom.