Laszlo Rehorst en Johan Vos

Solufillers | Laszlo Rehorst en Johan Vos



Johan Vos has been active in the rubber sector throughout his entire career, setting up and developing successful businesses that were later incorporated into larger business partners. Since mid-2020, he is responsible for the operational side of Solufillers B.V., regularly assisted by Laszlo Rehorst. Solufillers is primarily focused on a niche market; the production of rubber adhesives for the reparation of car, truck, and off-road tyres, as well as solutions for rubber seals and joins in the construction industry.

The product that Solufillers designs, produces and distributes is a rubber solution. Everyone will recognise this as the substance used to repair punctured bike tyres. Another word for rubber solution is rubber cement. It is a vulcanising glue used to seal small punctures in our bike tyres. However, Solufillers is not aimed at bulk production such as solutions for bike tyres, but at specialised applications in niche markets such as solutions for repairing truck and off-road tyres, for joining new truck tyre treads, and for joining rubber to metal.

The rubber solution consists of a high-quality rubber mixture dissolved in a compatible solvent. What is unique is that Solufillers has developed an extensive range of these products. Moreover, Solufillers works together with the final user to create the right product for the desired application. For example, Solufillers has developed a self-vulcanising solution that creates an optimal seal once hardened.

To create new products, they work closely with the customer to develop the perfect custom-made result. The standard range is marketed under a private label, whereas customer-specific solutions are exclusively made to order with specific product codes. 

Thanks to its extensive network, Solufillers has developed a healthy order portfolio within just a year. Each week, many rubber solutions find their way to customers in the Netherlands and abroad in various packaging forms.

This volume is expected to grow rapidly in the future. The focus lies on Western Europe, but regions further abroad will be considered in the long term. Solufillers' excellent reputation in the market leads to increased interest from customers. Furthermore, the business is constantly working on product development. Solufillers is also looking into the potential to develop water-based solutions, a significant challenge they hope to meet in the future.

Export countries: Western Europe and countries further abroad in the longer term