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Telecommunications operator Saylus was established following a management buy-out of two managers at VRC Telecom. Remco Cuiper and Gradus van der Wal took over the business in 2014 and continued operations under a new name: Saylus. The name stands for a strong telecommunications company. It is based upon the name Zelus, the God of rivalry and dedication, which closely personifies the business’ core values. Since then, the company has grown into a full-service supplier of telecommunications solutions, with a dedicated team of 15 staff.

Saylus specialises in complex telecommunication solutions. The company inventories, provides consultations on, installs and maintains on-premise and hosted telecom systems for the professional market, with about 150 to 200 systems spread across the country and abroad. The smallest client is a local beauty salon with three employees. The biggest clients are hospitals. Saylus currently services eight hospitals, the largest of which is Universitätsklinikum Münster, with more than 40,000 connections. What is unique is that the largest hospital in Malta has been a client at Saylus for over 20 years. Saylus also has an office both in Malta and Germany. 

The company’s main strength is its expertise and experience in hybrid solutions between analogue and digital switchboards, combined with an absolute focus on the customer. Few companies have the knowledge and expertise to combine both techniques and provide solutions that combine the best of both worlds without the institution having to overhaul their entire system at once. Saylus has won industry awards for this approach.

A hybrid solution is often also cheaper. Moreover, by working solely with top quality brands such as NEC and the hosted Flexus platform, savings are made on maintenance and monthly fees. These services can be carried out mostly remotely, which also makes working internationally much more manageable. The added advantage is that brands such as NEC and Flexus are better known internationally than on the Dutch market.


In the Netherlands, clients often want the newest and latest products, even when their existing telephones and infrastructure is still perfectly functional. Throwing these systems away is a waste, especially when these systems are still commonly used abroad. Saylus offers these systems on the market as refurbished systems. There is an increasing demand for these systems from international clients from across the globe.

The future

The company grows through positive word of mouth advertising from its clients. The international focus lies in increasing the service distribution network in Belgium and Germany.

Export countries: Belgium, Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Malta, USA, Indonesia, Brazil, The Bahamas, Curaçao.