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Conducting international business with Rabobank

Whether you're looking for the right business partners, want to gain insight into laws and regulations, or find out how to deal with differences in language and culture in a particular country, there are plenty of challenges for companies involved in international business. Rabobank has been internationally active for over 40 years in over 120 countries on every continent. To help serve Dutch customers abroad, Rabobank has 20 International Desks situated in the most important trade hubs, including Germany, Belgium, the United Kingdom, USA, Brazil, Australia, China and India. Business people who operate in these countries often have specific questions about local bank accounts, currencies, financing and leasing. Rabobank knows these international markets and can answer these questions. Moreover, Rabobank can arrange introductions with an embassy or Chamber of Commerce. If you conduct business outside the Netherlands, you will maintain one point of contact within your own Rabobank.

Are you interested in the possibilities?

Whether you want to import, export, relocate or expand to a different country or manage your international finances, with our services, you will save time and money. So you can focus on running your business. We regularly organise online webinars on internationalisation together with our partners. Should you be interested in attending one of our webinars, let us know.

International ambitions

Rabobank supports you in making your international ambitions a reality. Wherever you go in the world, you will have one point of contact and a familiar Dutch face every step of the way. The financial logistics team at Rabobank Regio Midden Oost consists of five consultants with extensive experience in international trade crisis management. Both for large multinational businesses and SMEs with international concerns, their expertise is called on in consultation with the business account manager. They also have close contact with the International Desks. Together, they inventory with you the main trade risks and decide which tools and measures can be implemented to minimise those risks. Not only trade risks are considered, but also the impact on the business' operating capital.


Would you like more information? Visit the Rabobank website for businesses and click on the 'International business' button. Are you interested in finding out more about the possibilities, or would you like to attend one of our webinars about internationalisation? Don't hesitate to contact Roy Krabshuis, our financial logistics specialist, at +31 (0)38 428 78 88 or send an email to

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