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In 2010, Q-LED in Apeldoorn was established as a spin-off from the company QC Event Group. This company provides crew support for the concert and events industry in the broadest sense of the word. Around 2010, the demand for video and LED walls increased for concerts and events. As this is a highly specialised service, a new company was called into life: Q-LED. Since then, the business has skyrocketed, supplying video and LED specialists worldwide who make sure that video and LED walls display the correct content uninterrupted during meetings, concerts and other events.

Q-LED has become a well-known name in the events industry. With about 40 clients, they support and work on many technical productions at locations around the world. This can be a single multiple-day event or a concert tour for artists such as DJ Armin van Buuren, singer Vasco Rossi, or the band Take That. The Q-LED crew accompanies the roadies for several months during tours through Europe or the Middle East.

Q-LED's strength lies with the expertise of its team, which is why they are often involved with the planning of the event from an early stage. The customer's requirements are inventoried, and Q-LED makes sure that the designs are translated into a technically solid product. This can be done in several ways, varying from a video and LED wall as a dance floor, to a 360-degree round screen, to gigantic video and LED displays measuring up to 2,500 m2. The business does not have any in-house materials; they work together with and for many different clients. For in-house technical productions, they rent their materials from trusted partners.

A fine example showcasing the team's strengths was a concert for the largest event managers in the world: Live Nations USA. They work with highly specialised LED display technology, and they discovered on-site on the eve of a large concert in Europe that they didn't have the right LED expertise available. Q-LED was called in, and the concert was able to continue. Since then, they have been involved in several projects for Live Nations.

Video and LED screens have a wide range of applications. Besides many concerts, Q-LED is often asked to set up and service displays during large business presentations, exhibition stands, live football match streaming at outdoor locations, and many other events. The future is looking bright!

Export countries: Europe, Middle East, USA, Mexico and incidentally other countries