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Walther van der Poel founded his business Poel Bosbouwartikelen in 1979. Walther’s father was employed with the company STIHL and noticed that there was a great demand for a repair and maintenance service. When STIHL proved prepared to set up such a service, Walther van der Poel became the first STIHL dealer in the Netherlands.

The business has grown significantly since then. The company has three sites in Amsterdam, Veghel and Apeldoorn. Apeldoorn is also home to their head office, where most of the 40 staff are located.  Poel is an authorised dealer of premium brand STIHL and supplies customers throughout the Netherlands. They offer a complete range of products for landscaping businesses, municipalities and forestry corporations, including chainsaws, brush cutters, mowers, sprinklers, shears and other gardening equipment. A complete line of work and safety garments is also included in the range.

Working towards a sustainable future

The transition from petrol-powered machines to battery-powered equipment caused a significant change in technology and a new direction for Poel. Battery-powered equipment is easy to operate and, above all, very quiet. These machines are a blessing for all landscaping businesses that work day and night on green spaces in recreational parks, office gardens, hospitals and parks. From this battery-powered line, demand for these materials also increased among private individuals. A battery-powered machine is not only quiet; it is also a cheaper alternative to petrol-powered engines, and it is less susceptible to wear and tear. The large in-house workplace provides any maintenance required.

In-house product development

Poel Bosbouw listens to their customer’s needs, and if no solution is on hand, Poel designs their own solutions. One client was looking for a solution for grubbing in clay soil areas. As STIHL didn’t have a suitable product within their range, Poels developed and launched an in-house, fully certified solution. A similar request came when oak processionary caterpillar populations in the Netherlands suddenly increased. Together with their client, Poel Bosbouw developed their own suction machine. Poel has also developed special fire-retardant safes for the safe storage of fire-sensitive batteries. These in-house developed ‘specials’ are distributed throughout the Netherlands, and the export to Belgium and Germany has also started to grow. The aim is to encourage the growth in export in the future and keep adding ‘specials’ to the range.

Export countries: Belgium and Germany, and other countries in Europe in the long term

Photo:  Magazine Eyeopener – Schuiteman Accountants & Adviseurs.