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Mo-Ca More than Canvas

Mo-Ca | More than Canvas is a family business owned by the Derksen family. It was established in 2015 as a spin-off from the advertising agency Art Print Design, the place to go for all kinds of printing, textile printing and indoor and outdoor signage applications. When Pinterest came into vogue, the Derksen family (Emily, Carla, Bert and Demi) wondered: what type of products would be the best fit for this medium?  This turned out to be home decorating items. Many home wall decorations are very sleek, and the need arose to have something a little more ‘rugged’ for on the wall. To cater to this need, Dutch Old Canvas was designed and developed.

Only printer in Europe

Dutch Old Canvas can best be described as crumpled canvas. Plenty of technical expertise was required to be able to produce this product, which is handmade in Apeldoorn. With this new product, the family’s long-standing dream to do something with interior home design became a reality. They started out by making one collection. Together with several photographers, they assembled a standard Old Dutch Canvas collection with smaller and larger formats. This is sold in the Netherlands mostly to private individuals. It is also possible to send in your own pictures, and these are then printed in Apeldoorn and delivered in the desired format.

Flying start through VT Wonen

When Mo-Ca’s Canvas products appeared in VT Wonen, a Dutch lifestyle magazine and television programme, Dutch Old Canvas received more publicity. The canvases appeared on the magazine cover and over the course of a year, a photo or text about Dutch Old Canvas could be found in VT Wonen every month. Today, the assortment is expanded with several products for on the wall and other home accessories.

International growth

The export side of the business started through a Dutch business owner who sold related articles through agents in Germany. She shared her contact with the various agents she worked with, and today, they also sell Mo-Ca’s products.  Mo-Ca’s products are sold in more than 100 lifestyle shops and concept stores in Germany alone. Through Germany, their export activities extended to Switzerland and Austria. More than half of their current revenue comes from abroad.

The future

The business wishes to expand their sales to other countries. The Scandinavian market is particularly interesting. They also receive occasional orders from other countries via the Internet. There is scope for opportunity here as well.

Export countries: Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France and occasionally other countries