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Midap Leidingsystemen

Midap Leidingsystemen was established in 1984 by Tony Middelink and his father. What started out as a trading company has grown into a leading producer of pipe systems for any kind of pipework involving a pump. The staff consisting of 15 professionals are a large source of technical expertise. Midap has a modern machine park at its disposal to quickly produce customised materials for its customers.

Their customer base is composed of organisations that transport water and dredged materials. These are businesses from various fields, such as ground, road and water construction, offshore, industry, vessel salvaging, chemical and food industries. Governments and water boards also make use of Midap’s pipes, measuring equipment and expertise. One of their in-house specialities is the so-called flange pipes. Midap has designed its own manufacturing machine that can produce these HDPE pipes twice as fast as the competition. Midap has earned an excellent reputation in the field with their fast delivery of quality products. The pipe systems are mostly manufactured on a made-to-measure basis that meets the customer’s needs and specifications.

For aluminium recycling plant REAL ALLOY in Norway, Midap delivered and installed a completely new extractor system, including a wet scrubber. Because the system had to be constructed at an elevation, the steel construction supporting the system was also part of the project. Working with HDPE pipes with a diameter of 1200 mm made the project an exceptionally challenging and rewarding job.

Another large project was carried out for the Suiker Unie, now called the Cosun Beet Company. This sugar manufacturing company was looking to expand its water treatment installation (after washing the sugar beets) and increase its biogas facility capacity. During this 18-month project, Midap managed to link all the processes back together by installing HDPE pipe systems to transport the water and sediment. One condition for the entire project was that it was not to interfere with the daily production process.

Midap is proud of its solid position as an Apeldoorn company in the international dredging field. Midap’s customer base includes the nine largest dredging companies in the world. The business grows by growing along with its customers and through positive testimonials from existing customers. There is still much potential in France, but also further abroad in countries such as the USA.

Direct export countries: Germany, Belgium, Austria, Norway, United Kingdom

Indirect export countries: the entire globe