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Meesterlijk Geschikt

Flowers convey a lot. About the giver. About the receiver. About the situation. And in the case of Miranda ter Voorde, also about the creator. "My passion is to evoke experiences with floral materials. To shape a feeling. To convey with natural materials what cannot be expressed in words. A flower speaks more than a thousand words."

During the first ten years of her professional life, Miranda traveled around the world as a freelancer, decorating events, trade shows, weddings, and flower shops with festive arrangements and giving demonstrations to industry professionals on prestigious stages. This took her to places such as Hong Kong, Tokyo, New York, Moscow, Dubai, and all across Europe. In 2010, the desire for more stability and less travel emerged.

From her splendid location in Apeldoorn, Miranda and her team daily adorn shops, offices, parties, gatherings, and living rooms with exclusive flower creations. These are each remarkable and are among the reasons Miranda was crowned European champion in floral design.

Blossom trees and flower grids on the facade

For the retail chain Rituals Cosmetics, Meesterlijk Geschikt designed the first iconic blossom tree. It began with a tabletop model blossom tree, but by now, this blossom tree is available in many different variations. The trunks and branches are made of real wood, specially treated to be insect-free. The blossoms are crafted from silk and meticulously attached to the tree. These trees stand on average 3 to 5 meters tall and have become the absolute centerpieces in Rituals stores. Alongside the blossom trees, an expansion occurred with flower boxes and flower grids for the facades. This ensures the ultimate customer journey in terms of experience and recognition for Rituals' customers. In addition to the numerous Dutch stores, stores in Europe, USA, UAE, and Japan were furnished with these elements. Everything was prepared in Apeldoorn and then assembled at the destinations. A new development is the concept in the flagship store: House of Rituals in Amsterdam. Here, the "store tree" is even taller, almost 8 meters, equipped with custom LED lighting, and features an actual swing. 

Flower shop

Apart from developing 'green' concepts for chains like Kwalitaria and Cosmo Hairstyling and furnishing stores and offices, there is still plenty of time to serve the local and regional market. Recently, this is done from a beautiful flower shop where you can simply drop in for a beautifully arranged artisanal bouquet, an exclusive vase, or a funeral arrangement. In addition to fresh flowers and plants, you will also find an extensive collection of silk flowers and plants, with which Miranda and her team create the most extraordinary creations.

Export countries: Europe, China, Japan, UK, UAE, and the USA.