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While Johan van Veen was working at Oracle Netherlands, he decided that the service aspect of the business could be done differently - and better. In 1999, he founded MCX to provide customers with total solutions that would take IT issues entirely out of their hands. Since then, the business has grown into an international technical management expert, focusing in particular on Oracle applications, databases and infrastructure.

The premise is that for most customers, the technical management of IT applications is too specialised and keeping up with technological developments is too much of a challenge. MCX pools this expertise and offers this to customers through a range of managed services. 

Unique business model

One of the secrets of MCX’s success is its unique business model. Whereas many other businesses focus on the number of work hours, MCX uses the solution as its guiding principle: Johan: “We offer a fixed price for solutions. This gives certainty to the customer; they don’t like to be confronted with extra hours after the fact. If that means that we require more time than was initially calculated, that’s our problem. Thankfully, this seldom happens because this fixed price also leads to positive internal developments. It encourages us to come up with truly innovative solutions, and this approach has become part of who we are. After all, our company motto is: ‘work smarter, not harder’”.

Global customer base

With a team of allmost 50 highly knowledgeable and experienced staff, MCX has the world at their fingertips. MCX’s focus lies in the Netherlands with top-level customers such as SaNS, Statistics Netherlands, the municipality of the Hague, Erasmus MC, Rijn Ijssel, ROC Twente and UMC Radboud. But customers abroad such as INNIO, Liverpool John Moores University, Aliva, DAB Vloot, IESE and UCAN and a leading international bank also rely on the expertise of this Apeldoorn-based IT management firm. It confirms the high level of expertise at which MCX operates.

Environmentally conscious

MCX is a service provider that places importance on the environment. For instance, MCX has been fully carbon neutral since 2014. In 2022, the business has moved to a new and larger site to accommodate the company’s growth. This building is build completely climate-neutral and features striking green facades, large, transparent windows and frequent use of natural elements.

Export countries:: direct: Belgium, France, Spain, Austria, Denmark, Turkey, South Africa, Angola, England