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Matterhorn is a distributor specialised in the outdoor sports branch. Matterhorn’s founder is an outdoor sports enthusiast. On the mountainside, she often met fellow enthusiasts with high-quality equipment that was not or barely available in the Netherlands. She felt it was time to change that, so she started to import her own equipment. The rest is history. The business was founded in 1990, and since 2004, Olaf Baas has been Matterhorn’s owner.

Olaf is proud of the triple-A brands for which Matterhorn has exclusive distributor rights in the Benelux. Their assortment is comprised of numerous European and other western brands that not only supply quality but also focus on sustainability. Olaf gives an example: “The Czech brand Patizon supplies sleeping bags with down that hasn’t been plucked from live animals. These kinds of aspects are important to us. We like to business with businesses that take their CSR just as seriously as we do.”

Matterhorn services the entire Benelux and a slice of Northern France from their showroom and warehouse in Apeldoorn. Most products are supplied to hundreds of high-end sports and outdoor sports shops. The products include everything you might possibly need for outdoor pursuits, ranging from walking sticks, climbing gear, water filters, water-repellent detergents, and thermal clothing to waterproof notebooks and pens. Besides shops, Matterhorn also supplies businesses. The thermos flasks with a personal logo or design are very popular as business gifts or promotional items for sports events. The company also provides to special expedition teams and the military. Olaf: ‘The military has precise requirements for shoe polish, for instance, and we can deliver according to their standards.’

The range of brands is extensive. Their key brands are Amphibious, Patizon, Lifesaver, Grangers, Laken, Vipole, Asolo, Zanier and 2under. This brand palette is stable and continues to steadily expand with new brands. With its years of experience, Matterhorn has gained an excellent reputation in the field. Many top brands approach Matterhorn to become their sales outlet in the Benelux through testimonials from other brands.

This allows Matterhorn to devote time and attention to promoting brand awareness among retailers and further strengthening their distribution network.

Export countries: Belgium, Luxembourg, France