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Software and technology company Luminis was established in Arnhem in 2002. The company quickly expanded to include offices in Amsterdam, Apeldoorn, Eindhoven and Rotterdam. From these locations, 200 professionals develop high-end technological solutions for clients. In Apeldoorn, 50 professionals work across two sites.

Luminis aims to provide added value to its clients through technology and innovative applications. Luminis is a ground-breaking business that works with emerging technologies, often long before they become mainstream. They have been working for many years with cloud-based computing technologies, the Internet of Things and machine learning applications. They have also developed an in-house cloud platform and healthcare platform. This focus makes Luminis a leading player in the market, servicing clients with solutions that go beyond tomorrow. Through their work with the latest technologies, they also draw the best experts from the field.

As a result, major brands such as KLM, Nike and work together with Luminis. Luminis is not an IT supplier but provides solutions for issues and challenges that companies are faced with, whereby significant added value is realised through co-creation. Some great examples are developing a new search engine for that optimises the linking process for customer product searches. For Van Dijk, Luminis has developed a new web-based platform that streamlines the management of their rapidly increasing number of orders for school textbooks.

A small part of Luminis’ total revenue is linked to export. Luminis’ export activities result from their network and active approach to knowledge sharing within the market. Company professionals regularly write white papers, blogs, and articles and create videos about the latest developments in IT, leading to questions from across the globe and sometimes assignments from abroad. This service is most easily provided in English-speaking countries where the language barrier is minimal.

The future

Luminis would like to increase their export from 10% to 30% over the coming years. They can do so by selling more products and focusing on open-source solutions; the market for these developments is greater abroad than in the Netherlands alone.

Luminis has developed a new platform in collaboration with the University of Liverpool: MediGrid. With this platform, data from medical tests can easily be linked and made accessible to other networks. There is much interest from the medical field both nationally and internationally for this application. The focus on innovation remains. For instance, Luminis is currently working on a next-generation cloud computing solution that can shorten the average lead time for projects from six months to just one month.

Export country: United Kingdom