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Labelcare was established in 2016 by professionals with over 25 years of experience in the labelling field. Their focus is on print & apply solutions, labellers, industrial printers, desktop printers, labels and supplies.  Labelcare has a ready-made solution for every labelling challenge with a product range that includes top brands such as ARCA, Godex, Zebra and Sato,. This varies from a relatively simple desktop printer that you can connect to your PC to an industrial labelling system that seamlessly integrates the production and packaging process.

Always a solution

Most people don’t think about it, but today nearly every package or product that we buy or receive has labelling in some form. These labels vary enormously, from colourful labels on frozen fish products to simple barcodes on freshly baked bread, and from the washing instructions on your T-shirt label to the best-before date on a carton of milk. Labelcare’s eight-man professional team asks countless questions to come to a solution, questions about the label’s size, colouring, lifespan, whether the label regularly comes into contact with moisture or dust, and so forth. Are there legal standards or requirements that you must meet in your labelling? Is your product round, angular or hollow? Or just a centimetre wide? Labelcare has an effective solution for even the most challenging industrial applications, whether it involves heat, cold, fabrics, moisture, or any other challenging situation or environment.

That’s why many customers from the food and pharmaceutical industry like to do business with Labelcare. Solutions are quickly turned into turn-key delivery packages. Labelcare is also the right choice for the maintenance and delivery of blank labelling solutions.  About 1,000 desktop printers and 30 large industrial systems are sold and installed annually.

The future

The business has grown rapidly since its establishment and aims to continue that trend in the years to come. Most new business comes from positive word-of-mouth advertising from existing customers, the business’ ambassadors. The extended service whereby the machines are inspected every six months by in-house technicians also appeals to many customers. This growth has ensured that the business is now looking towards relocating to a larger site. 

Export countries: Belgium, Germany, Sweden, Suriname