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Entrepreneur Andy Kloppenburg had been the owner of a successful business in the automotive sector for over ten years when he started trading in left-over shipments from bankruptcies.

To that end, he founded Interstock in 2014, which soon started specialising in finding solutions for ‘problem containers’ for large shipping companies. Containers that can’t be delivered to a client for various reasons are a source of revenue loss and headaches for many shipping companies.

With the slogan ‘Interstock solves your problems’, the company takes these problem containers from globally operating shipping companies and makes sure that their losses are limited.

The products on offer from these containers vary enormously. They could be perishable goods such as fruits and vegetables, materials offered up for recycling, or consumer goods such as toys and decorative articles. Interstock collaborates with selected partners that can process these goods legally and sustainably and European wholesalers.

Before the products are recycled, other markets are considered for the sale of the products. These could be other markets than the European market to prevent stock dumping on the local market. Interstock arranges the repackaging and relabelling of the products and finds the right partner to sell the product. In doing so, Interstock has developed an extensive network of partners and distributors over the years.

The supply varies significantly both in terms of size and nature. Andy: ‘the shipment size can vary from one container to large shipments of some 90 containers in total.’

Interstock is in daily close contact with the offices of the biggest shipping companies in Western Europe, and they are known for their flexibility in meeting customer requests. Within 24 hours, the shipping company receives a tailor-made quotation, complete with the price. Thanks to their extensive logistics network, they can quickly remove the containers involved from the European ports to their location in Apeldoorn.

Given that all shipping companies work internationally, an increasing number of offices from outside Western Europe come to Interstock with requests. The company’s strengths lie in short lines of communication, fast and flexible action and always following through on agreements. In short: Interstock solves your problems!

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