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Boeve en Hop Houthandel en Rondhoutzagerij Midden Nederland

This fine family business was established in 1959 by Messrs Boeve and Hop senior. In the early years, both business owners headed out with their frame saw on their horse and cart to the Kroondomein (Crown Estate) to maintain the woods. Over the years, this was replaced by engine-powered saws, harvesters, and forwarders.  Landscape managers, forest contractors, governments, private forest owners and business clients have their forested lots managed sustainably by Boeve en Hop Houthandel. Through their in-house purchasing department, timber is also purchased from various countries throughout Europe.

Their sister company, Rondhoutzagerij Midden Nederland, uses a large portion of this wood. They supply timber to large European MDF manufacturers and firewood to clients.

In-house sawmill

In 2000, the second generation of the business established an in-house sawmill under the name Rondhoutzagerij Midden Nederland. The mill is responsible for the industrialised processing of coniferous trees into products for the transport, packaging and pallet industry, including dunnage, wedges, stillages, wooden beams and pallet timber. Some 30 to 40 trucks supply the wooden trunks each week and deliver the various processed items to customers.

After the trunks are sorted according to their thickness and the presence of metals (from grenade splinters from the war and nails, for example), the timber is immediately processed in the state-of-the-art (2021) sawmill to square beams. They are then processed further into all sorts of shapes and sizes. Besides the highly modernised machine park, quickly producing products to meet customers’ specific wishes is also a core aspect of the business. For instance, products are specifically tailored to size for Tata Steel in IJmuiden. They have a highly loyal customer base consisting of packaging material manufacturers, industrial end-users and logistics companies.

Another group of customers are businesses that process waste flows such as wood chips, bark and sawdust. These include companies that produce fibreboard and chipboard materials. The wood chips are also added to substrates such as potting soil. What’s great is that everything from the trunks that come in gets used; there is no waste.

Continued growth

Rondhoutzagerij Midden Nederland is now reaching its maximum production capacity. That is why a new production hall will be constructed soon.  Besides expanding their capacity, the optimisation of existing products also plays a role. With the new hall expected to be completed in 2022, the Boeve en Hop Houthandel sales organisation will continue to grow in the future with their existing and new customers by improving their yields through increased automation.

Export countries: Belgium, France & Germany