Rinjo Israels en Yvonne Israels-Feldbrugge

Gezondmooislank | Rinjo Israels en Yvonne Israels-Feldbrugge

Website: www.gezondmooislank.nl


After spending 30 years in various management positions in the pharmaceutical, nutrition, beauty and self-care sectors, Rinjo Israels concluded in 2010 that many products and brands don’t live up to their promise. Unfounded claims, misleading packaging and labelling, ingredients that were harmful to humans, animals and the environment, and prices that in no way reflected the true cost and quality of a product. It was time to change all that.

In 2011, Rinjo came into contact with the company Erom from Seoul in South Korea. Since the late 1990s, Erom has been highly successful with Juvo organic raw meal products. Juvo products are made from 55 natural raw organic ingredients from the following five food groups: whole grains, vegetables, sea vegetables, mushrooms and fruit. These ingredients are freeze-dried and then ground to a very fine powder. This allows the body to take up the ingredients much more quickly. Besides Juvo products, their selection has been expanded with nine other brands of tried-and-tested organic meal replacement products.

Their entire product range comes from producers selected for their transparent supply chain and the quality and effectiveness of their products. An excellent new example is ProVen, a British company known for its long-standing excellence in the probiotics industry. ProVen uses in-house developed and researched (12 clinical trials!) bacterial strains. In 2020, ProVen started a joint venture, ProVen Probiotica BV.

Fast growth

In 2013, GezondMooiSlank first appeared on the television channel RTL4 during the programme ‘Life is Beautiful’, and the business has taken off since then. In 2016, the millionth Juvo meal was sold in the Netherlands, and the range has been expanded since then. The products find their way to tens of thousands of customers through retailers, nutritional therapists and direct internet sales. Not soon after its initial success, the business started exporting to Belgium, Germany and particularly Italy.

The future 

Driven by the popularity of health trends and internet exposure, the business continues to grow steadily. Most of this future growth will come primarily from international sales, particularly the German market. The company is also working on its own brand, which will be produced in-house.

Export countries: Germany, Belgium and Italy