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As early as 1953, the Netherlands became interested in quality heating and cooling systems. FRENGER SYSTEMEN BV completed its first cooling ceiling in 1960, and that system proved to be a strong début. The business continued to grow in the Netherlands until it was taken over by the German family concern Menger in the 1980s. They introduced the Frenger systems onto the German market. In total, over 5,000 projects have been realised with more than three million m2 of suspended ceilings.

Frenger Systemen BV has many years of experience with climate ceilings and is a household name in the world of climate control. Design, production, engineering and assembly are all carried out in-house. All the products are made to order to the customer’s specific wishes.

From its head office in Apeldoorn, Frenger Systemen BV serves the entire Benelux. Their products are universally applicable to any field within the construction industry. You can expect to find Frenger Systemen BV solutions in every type of office, sports hall, hospital and home, buildings that are heated and cooled through a ceiling-based climate control system with an attractive ceiling finish. Climate ceilings are a sustainable solution for your indoor climate. Radiant heating and cooling systems ensure a comfortable indoor environment and energy savings of up to 20% through radiation.

Energy conservation through radiant heat

Working with radiant heat has many advantages. Besides a significant reduction in energy costs, radiant heating requires little time to start up. The desired temperature can be reached quickly. This is ideal for large spaces such as sports halls and hangars. Therefore, you will often find Frenger Systems in the German Bundeswehr and US Army hangars in Europe. Too much insulation, poor ventilation and noise-producing heating systems have led to the development of the ‘sick building syndrome’ in many offices. The application of radiant heating systems mitigates these harmful environmental effects, reducing absenteeism resulting from sick employees.

Besides heating, Frenger Systemen also provides comfortable and silent cooling systems for large and small spaces. Thanks to the integrated condensate trap, they dehumidify company halls and offices without ventilation, providing optimal comfort.

Quick return on investments

Frenger Systemen are renowned in the installation world for their high quality and lifespan; their systems easily last 40 to 50 years. Frenger delivers these systems with or without assembly in the Benelux and German-speaking countries. There is also an increasing demand from other countries such as Italy, Lithuania, Denmark and recently as far as Brazil.

Export countries: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Czech Republic