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In 1999, Rob Camerlink founded his company EasyData, specializing in document processing. At that time, Inbound and Outbound mail was scanned and digitally processed. In the meanwhile, the company has grown into a big and unique player in data capture software.

Smart software

A team of international specialists has worked on a unique system that easily detects financial data in a mud of information. This can be seen as finding a financial pin in the haystack.

The software can also read other financial data such as annual reports, and compress this into a clear report in an excel spreader sheet. To show that data capture software works, Rob started the website There are more than 10,000 compressed annual balances of all kinds of international listed companies. The bases for this output are the official annual reports. The website's current stock information will be added to the website.

Rob has a long-term partnership with a Swiss ICT company. This has led to the fact that EasyData has many customers over there. For example, almost every canton and city office in Switzerland has EasyData’s software. Conversations are currently running with the national government to implement the software there as well.


Under this title, EasyData provides a tool that allows businessmen to easily compile, send and process inbound and outbound invoices. This saves entrepreneurs a lot of time and money. Rob has a great example of a customer in America: "A large architectural firm had received a 250,000 euros offer from a colleague company for the implementation of a similar system as Print2Process. We could offer the same for 18,500 euros. The architectural firm was not convinced yet, but after a free demo use of our software they were quickly convinced.

An independent contractor can use Print2Process for 59 euros a year. In addition to SMEs, large banks and accountants are also working with EasyData software. It also happens to be that whole business chains use the software together. For example, several major construction companies work with the software, offering their subcontractors use free of charge. Due to the increasing use of digital billing, EasyData still has one big market open.

Exporting countries: Belgium, Switzerland and occasionally to 20 different countries