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Rob Camerlink founded his company EasyData in 1999, specializing in document processing via scanning. Incoming and outgoing mail was scanned and digitally processed. Since then the company has grown into a large, unique player in data capture software, driven by artificial intelligence, machine learning and image recognition.

Smart software

At the company’s branch in Armenia, a team of international specialists work on software development and artificial intelligence. This allows, for instance, financial data contained within a mass of information to be traced easily. Comparable to finding the (financial) needle in the haystack. The software can also read other economic data, such as annual reports, and compress it into a clear item in an Excel spreadsheet. To show that data capture software works, Rob launched the website


Another project is EasySeparate. This recognises and classifies documents then sends them to the correct location, where necessary supplemented with relevant (meta) data. The software can connect with existing systems. The motto: capture – classify – extract – validate – export!


This is the name of an EasyData tool that allows businessmen to draft incoming and outgoing invoices very simply, saving a lot of time and money. Rob has an excellent example of a customer in America: "A large architectural firm had received a $250,000 quotation from a rival of EasyData to implement a similar system to PDFCommunicator. We could offer the same for $18,500. The architectural firm was not completely convinced, but after a free demonstration of our software they were soon persuaded.”

Besides small and medium-sized enterprises, large banks and accountancy offices also use EasyData software. The increasing use of digital invoicing opens up another large market for EasyData.

For many years Rob has had partnerships with ICT companies in Switzerland, the United States and Australia. This has resulted in many customers from these countries and beyond. Currently, almost every canton and city hall in Switzerland uses EasyData software. National governments are also keen to work with EasyData products. Export countries: Belgium, Switzerland, United States, Australia and, occasionally, 20 other countries.