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DOTT. Ethical Apparel

DOTT.’s fantastic story started in 2017 when two entrepreneurs decided to set up a social enterprise to produce and sell sustainable fashion items. The company focuses on ethical business practices by bringing the manufacture of clothing back to the Netherlands. More and more people feel it is essential to know the origins of the clothes they wear. Together with driven and talented people with a unique background, business partners Erik van der Linden and Anne Geertshuis created an “Ethical Fashion line”.

Fashion made in Holland

DOTT. fashion items are entirely handmade in Apeldoorn by people with a unique background and plenty of experience making clothes. DOTT. involves driven and talented people in the production team, simply because they have the expertise to deliver the best-guaranteed quality. Everyone has unique individual qualities, and that’s what makes the team special. Since 2020, DOTT. works together with the BlueView Naaiatelier (sewing atelier) in Apeldoorn. This sewing atelier is run by Asad and his wife, Fazelah. Asad has amassed over 30 years of experience as a tailor in his native country, Afghanistan.

Sustainable materials

Erik and Anne: “To guarantee the finest quality of our clothing, we use GOTS-certified organic cotton in our fabrics whenever possible. Organic cotton is hand-picked by cotton farmers and is not treated with pesticides. Moreover, everyone in the supply chain is guaranteed a fair price for their services. Organic cotton is usually of superior quality, and that’s noticeable in the look and especially the feel of the fabric!”

Customers who consciously choose quality

The DOTT. brand primarily consists of outerwear, such as shirts, sweaters and hoodies for men, women and children. Through the webshop, visitors can see the various items and the available sizes and colours. Thanks to our partnership with the sewing atelier, countless combinations or variations are possible. Besides the DOTT. fashion line, there is also a separate line with home decor accessories such as pillows. And don’t forget their shopping bags made from banner fabrics.

Bespoke work and private label

Besides the DOTT. brand, the business also carries out bespoke work. Items with personalised logos, colours and fits are possible, from small to giant orders. Their rapidly growing revenue currently comes from the webshop, which sells dozens of orders each week. In the future, retail and market sales will also play a role.

Export country: Belgium