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DMLUX Verlichtingsarmaturen (light fittings) is a specialised Dutch manufacturer and importer of high-quality lighting products since 2000. DMLUX arranges the entire supply chain of its products - from development to production, shipping and distribution. They maintain high-quality standards so they can constantly provide their dealers with the best lighting solutions.

DMLUX Verlichtingsarmaturen offers a complete lighting assortment for the professional market. They work closely with several manufacturing partners to be able to offer such a diverse range of lighting solutions. These partnerships allow DMLUX to provide its clients with a balanced and competitive lighting range.

DMLUX supports dealers with services such as lighting plans and consultancy services. Moreover, DMLUX can deliver specific products that align with the customer’s needs. With DMLUX’s bespoke solutions, all the customer’s needs are taken care of from A to Z.

For example, DMLUX designed bespoke lighting solutions for many of the Van der Valk Exclusive hotels. Fitting a hotel from scratch can easily require up to to 3,000 to 4,000 light fittings.

DMLUX constantly responds to new technologies and sustainable trends, making DMLUX’s lighting assortment both future-proof and highly suitable for energy conservation purposes.

Strong growth

With today’s climate goals, the energy transition and the associated required energy labels for corporate spaces, there is plenty of work to be done. DMLUX has an enormous growth ambition and is actively looking to expand its dealer network.

DMLUX believes in the philosophy: Growth through teamwork!

Export countries: Benelux, Germany