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De Bruin Process Equipment

De Bruin Process Equipment’s story started in 2005 when veal farmer Dries de Bruin and his sons Peter and Arjan built their own storage tank on the farm. The veal farmers provide milk for the calves, which contains whey. In 1998, Dries installed a storage tank for liquid whey to save on costs. Soon the neighbours were asking for such a tank, and the whey supplier was also getting requests for storage tanks. That’s how De Bruin Tankbouw came into being. During the first few years, the company produced mainly storage tanks for the agricultural sector, but after the construction of a large production hall in 2009, they also took orders for storage and processing tanks for foodstuffs and the chemical industry.

Solar collectors: made in Uddel

De Bruin Tankbouw acquired G2 Energy in 2015. G2 Energy is a manufacturer of solar collectors and solar boilers and supplies these directly to the end user or through an installation service. Veal farmers use the solar collectors to heat the water for the milk, pig farmers for floor heating, greenhouse growers to heat the greenhouse, and so forth. In the recreational sector, they’re used to heat swimming pools and shower blocks. Other applications include central heating for buildings and provision of warm tap water in buildings such as apartment buildings or care facilities. There is also plenty of potential for applications in the food processing industry.

Second site in Zutphen

In 2020, De Bruin Tankbouw acquired the buildings, machines and quality control systems from Terlet in Zutphen. At Terlet, the highest quality tanks and boilers had been manufactured there for over 100 years. The acquisition also led to the tank manufacturing business being split up into two divisions. In Uddel, the focus lies on tanks for the non-food industry, while all the food processing tanks are produced in Zutphen. This splitting up of production locations ensures that the special requirements that apply to the food sector can be guaranteed.

The tanks and boilers are designed by an in-house engineering department. It is also possible to assemble a complete production line, including the pipework, couplings and valves and control mechanisms.


De Bruin Tankbouw is expanding quickly and currently has more than 70 employees divided over the two locations. The company expects to continue its growth in the future, which includes plans for international growth. The German market is particularly interesting.

Export countries: Australia, Belgium, Germany, England, Ireland, Italy, Austria, Poland, Russia, South Africa, Switzerland