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In 1978, Coldec started producing colour flakes for the Dutch market. These flakes were initially solely applied to cast floors. From the mid-1980s, the market expanded to incorporate flakes into wall paints and later decorative paints. Since then, the business has skyrocketed. Coldec is the European market leader in its field. Over 50 employees in the Apeldoorn and Vaassen sites are responsible for sales in 56 countries, and business is booming.

Market leader in PVC flooring

In late 2011, the French company Ideflex was acquired out of bankruptcy and was moved to the Netherlands after a successful new start. This gave Coldec access to PVC floor covering suppliers, making Coldec the only producer in Europe for PVC flooring.

More than 500 shops in China

The birthplace for decorative paint products lies in Italy. Italy has numerous relatively minor players and products with the added advantage of a prominent local market. In the Netherlands, however, the demand for decorative paint products is practically non-existent. During their search for sales volume, Coldec's director Ron Bleize turned to China.

Drawing on the trend 'that what comes from Europe is better', he started a franchise shop concept for decorative paint products. This caught on. As of 2021, China has more than 500 Studio Coldec shops and counting.

The production for the China market still exclusively takes place at the Coldec site in Vaassen. This provides Coldec with the required volume to develop its products in other markets. Whereas in the past, one shipping container was destined for China every three months, now four containers per week are shipped.

Decoverf: the leading online paint shop

Coldec distinguishes itself by embracing innovation. Convinced by the power of online marketing, the company's commitment to online sales is 100%. Today, the Netherlands has, Coldec's leading webshop for high quality, affordable paint.

Under their own brand name, Coldec offers the highest quality paint for an excellent price. The range is extensive, from wall and lacquer paints to magnetic, blackboard and chalk paint, and much more. Moreover, all their products are 100% water-based and free of formaldehyde and organic solvents. In other words: very environmentally friendly.

The future

The most significant growth is expected to come from Asia, where the short-term focus lies. The number of shops in China will continue to grow. The launch of Studio Coldec shops is also being considered in other parts of South-East Asia. The USA is a potential market for the long term.

Export countries: 56 countries, mainly in Europe and Asia