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Heating and cooling buildings is by far the biggest burner of fossil fuels. This has to change. Uniechemie from Apeldoorn, specialist in cool/heat pump technology, offers the solutions with their new heatpump named “TripleAqua”; a complete climate installation for heating and cooling of buildings such as for example offices, supermarkets and hotels. Their slogan is “Heat, Cool and Store in one go.” TripleAqua, compared to other traditional climate installations, is special because it’s 100% electrical, uses up to 50% less energy, offers more comfort, is easy to install and works on a natural coolant in a water-circuit. This way it is possible for a building to achieve the highest energy label A+++.

The cooling and climate technology have been changing a lot for many years now. Uniechemie is closely involved in this process. As shown by TripleAqua and many other of their developments because Uniechemie has been a supplier of coolants and components such as compressors, controllers as well as production of their own cooling/freezing installations and heat pumps , for almost 70 years now. A real “business to business” market. At the moment about 80% of all products are shipped to Dutch companies, mainly installers. Export takes place mainly to European countries, of which Germany, the United Kingdom, Scandinavia and Belgium. 

Van der Lande expects a dramatic shift in the ratio between export and inland over the next few years: “the development of TripleAqua will be cause of drastic growth outside the Netherlands. We expect a doubling for next year because of this. Cooling is becoming more important with climate technology, a market worth billions. The 80-20 ratio will be turned around in only a few years, are his expectations, 80% export and 20% the Netherlands.”
Uniechemie started production of safe coolants at Kanaal Zuid in Apeldoorn in 1951, the CFK’s which are now forbidden. In the years before, the company produced paints and supplied the cleaning solutions to a cooling technology company in Apeldoorn. That’s how they got in touch with cooling technology. The production of paint was stopped and Uniechemie developed itself into the cooling technology. At the moment they are part of the Swedish Beijer REF, Uniechemie has 50 employees who together produce a revenue of 15 million euros per year.

Export countries: Germany, United Kingdom, Scandinavia and Belgium