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Founded in the Netherlands 120 years ago, the Royal Agrifirm Group is now a leading agricultural cooperation with an international network of subsidiaries in Europe, South America, the US, and Asia and a global distribution network. Agrifirm was established in 2010 when Agrifirm merged with Cehave Landbouwbelang. In 2012, the ‘Royal’ predicate was awarded to Coöperatie Koninklijke Agrifirm U.A. with the opening of the new head office in Apeldoorn in 2012. 

Products & services

With its almost 3000 employees committed to excel every day, the Royal Agrifirm Group contributes to a sustainable food supply chain for future generations. The company delivers measurable, relevant and sustainable value at the farm, in the fields and in the feed industry. By combining countless years of global scientific research with their local expertise of agricultural and animal feed sectors, Royal Agrifirm provides their customers worldwide the best solutions for everyday challenges. With quality animal feeders, pre-mixes, concentrates, mineral blends and additives for the feed industry, products for crop and cultivation development, animal and crop-specific digital solutions and professional advice, they offer nutritional and integrated solutions for livestock businesses, feed companies, wholesalers and cultivation solutions for growers.

A distinctive business profile

Royal Agrifirm Group’s passion is ‘farming’. Agricultural entrepreneurship is about recognising and taking advantage of opportunities and anticipating new developments. The business wants to be the leading expertise and solution-oriented partner for customers regarding animal feeders, cultivation practices and animal, plant and soil health, focusing on sustainable solutions that meet current and future challenges and expectations.

Ambitions for the coming years

By 2050, over nine billion people will be dependent on healthy and sustainable food sources. This means that together, we need to produce twice as much food while simultaneously reducing our ecological footprint by half, a significant challenge facing our world today. The group helps members and customers anticipate these challenges by producing profitable and sustainable food solutions. Innovation and staying ahead of future developments is essential. Royal Agrifirm Group sees this as a major responsibility and is, therefore, a proud contributor to a sustainable food supply chain for future generations.

Export countries: Agrifirm has subsidiaries in Europe, South America, the US, Asia, and a global distribution network.