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ZONZ Sunsails was established in 2008 by Peter Ogterop. He had just returned from a trip through Australia, where he saw trendy sun shade sails in all shapes and sizes. His first thought was: I want one of those for my back garden! This turned out to be easier said than done. Sunshade sails were apparently nowhere to be found in the Netherlands. An entrepreneur through and through, Peter decided to fill this gap in the market himself and ZONZ Sunsails was born. Today ZONZ Sunsails, with its three-person staff, is a market leader in the Netherlands.

The largest webshop in the Netherlands and Belgium

A webshop was developed from the very beginning where you could realise your shady spots in your garden our outdoor space in various ways. Visitors are quickly and clearly informed about the various types of shade sales/sunshade sails, shadow curtains, and wind and privacy sails. They can also calculate their own prices with the handy calculation tool. The products are offered in different fabrics, colours, and dimensions. Most sails and shades find their way to the consumer through direct delivery through the webshop or gardeners and the various sun shade shops that ZONZ Sunsails supplies. Given that many Dutch customers have holiday homes abroad, the sails are delivered throughout Europe.

Attractive business solutions

Besides consumers, ZONZ Sunsails also services the professional market. In addition to schools, offices and healthcare institutions, many sails are supplied to the restaurant and hotel sector. A striking, stylish shade sail is an ideal way to promote or heighten the atmosphere. Peter: “We often hear from our hotel and catering industry customers that more new customers come and visit after our shade sails have been installed. With these sails, we offer more than just shade; we add atmosphere to a location.” An unusual client where the sails added an extra atmospheric touch was at Curaçao airport; three striking sails measuring ten by ten metres grace the terminal.

Specialist in bespoke work

Because every patio is different, ZONZ Sunsails also makes customised shade sails. With its many different sail types, colours and choice from porous to waterproof fabrics, ZONZ Sunsails can create the perfect shade for any location. The attachment options are also highly varied, and the best solutions are evaluated on a garden-by-garden basis. Bespoke work is a true house speciality and a service that is increasingly in demand.

The future

The focus on customer experience and service shows, with an average rating of 8.7 from online reviews. Besides continued growth in the Netherlands, the business is looking to expand into the Scandinavian market. A sustainability study also being carried out into collecting, recycling and reusing second-hand sails and incorporating them into new products.

Export countries: Europe & Curaçao