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Wittenborg University

Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences, established in 1987, is a dynamic, double-accredited business school with its headquarters in Apeldoorn. It is one of the few 100% English-speaking higher education institutes in the Netherlands and its 1,000+ students and staff represent over 100 nationalities, making it the most international private university of applied sciences and business school in the Netherlands.

Wittenborg’s Mission & Vision

Wittenborg’s vision is to become an internationally recognised university of applied sciences with an international, innovative approach to higher education, creating life-changing opportunities and advancing the development and dissemination of knowledge in partnership with the business community.Wittenborg’s mission is to contribute to society in Apeldoorn & the region by promoting excellence in teaching and learning in international business and management, as well as by creating the best possible environment for students and staff, where internationalisation, diversity and ethics set the premises for successfully applied, research-informed, global learning.

Wittenborg’s Values: Internationalisation, Diversity and Ethics

Internationalisation, Diversity and Ethics are Wittenborg’s key values and the key drivers of its success. Wittenborg sees its role as the education and training of highly qualified, internationally minded, socially responsible and intercultural, critical and independently thinking graduates, who engage in innovative and creative business in companies and organisations around the world, either working for others or in the instigation of business and entrepreneurship. Wittenborg embraces internationalisation as a key value.Wittenborg’s outlook is global, and it aims to maintain its independent status whilst being one of the most international and diverse higher education institutions in the Netherlands. The university of applied sciences promotes total equality of students and staff, of cultures, gender and those with disabilities within the institute. Wittenborg promotes a working environment that is fair and emphasises respect between and within its student and staff body. Wittenborg embraces diversity as a key value.Wittenborg’s motto expresses the commitment to offer higher education where students and staff understand that ethics play a central role in their every decision. Guided by well-established ethical and moral standards, such as honesty and integrity, unified we strive for a better tomorrow: Better Yourself - Better Our World. Wittenborg embraces ethics as a key value.

Bachelor’s & Master’s Degrees in Business & Management

Wittenborg offers all its programmes taught in English – including 17 Bachelor of Business Administration specialisations, 9 Master of Business Management programmes (MSc) and 11 Master of Business Administration (MBA) programmes.