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Vremac Cylinders BV has been producing cylinders since 1958 and is a specialist in manufacturing custom-made and serially produced hydraulic cylinders. Together with the customer, challenges in the hydraulics field are translated into practical, customised solutions. This type of work comprises more than 75% of all the cylinders delivered. The in-house production process is fully certified (ISO 14001 & 9001) and automated. By making use of specific robotised turning, milling and welding equipment, the delivery times are short. 110 professionals work at Vremac.

With its many years of experience designing and manufacturing hydraulic cylinders, Vremac enjoys an excellent reputation and is a market leader in the field of cylinders, batteries and swivels.  This market is highly diverse. Hydraulic cylinders are everywhere, from shovel loaders, locks, lorries, bridges and ships to offshore applications. About 70% of revenues come from Dutch customers, and 30% comes from the export market. Vremac has even set up a unique production line for a large automotive customer with an annual production of 12,000 cylinders.

The largest customers can be found in the shipping and offshore sectors. Vremac delivers mostly custom-made cylinders to businesses such as DEME, Boskalis, Caterpillar, IGC, Van Oord and All Seas. Besides the design, production and delivery of cylinders, Vremac also provides a repair and maintenance service. Given that these companies operate across the globe, service and maintenance are carried out worldwide. Besides Dutch customers, Vremac also has direct customers in the surrounding countries and occasionally further afield. One particularly unique project was the delivery of customised cylinders for lock doors for the Panama Canal.

Since 2019, the Apeldoorn-based business Vremac Cylinders BV is part of the Vydraulics Group. The Vydraulics Group consists of seven firms that offer the best turn-key solutions for systems, components and service in the field of motion- and control technology and process systems. Each company has its own area of expertise and market focus, so they complement each other perfectly.  For the future, Vremac expects to continue to grow both independently and through the Vydraulics network as a preferred global supplier for specialised cylinder solutions for the civil engineering market, offshore sector, sustainable energy market, industry, transport and loading sectors.

The business also continues to work on improving the sustainability of hydraulic cylinders. The cylinders currently contain oil, and Vremac is working on replacing theses with more sustainable oils and oil alternatives. This will generate new opportunities in the market. For instance, one of Vremac’s customers is currently developing a system of generating energy through tidal streams on the ocean floor.

Export countries: Belgium, Germany, France, UK, Italy, China, Vietnam, Panama, and indirectly to the rest of the world