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In Apeldoorn, we make it happen. Or better still: in Apeldoorn, you make it happen. From small to large, from start-up to multinational, from village to city: all types of entrepreneurship can be found in Apeldoorn. In this book, we focus specifically on one economic activity: exports - to Belgium and Germany, but also to just about every other country and continent in the world.

Apeldoorn is the capital of the Veluwe, located at the start of the beautiful Ijssel Valley, firmly anchored in the Stedendriehoek region, centrally located in the country, easily accessible, in a beautiful environment where living, working, and recreation are delightful. We also continue to be ambitious, setting our sights on your opportunities in 2040 and the years thereafter, because Apeldoorn is a city of possibilities, with sustainable growth opportunities, and solid foundations for still more.

Plus, and this is crucial: there is close cooperation between the business community, educational institutions and government when it comes to technical innovation, safety, and location opportunities.

From the more than two hundred interviews in this book, an image emerges of the enormous versatility of the Apeldoorn economy. "Made in Apeldoorn" is, first and foremost, a beautiful book and a great read. Get inspired by these entrepreneurs!

In addition, I hope that this book, along with the linked website and other activities, will connect companies to each other, facilitating cooperation and exchange by, for example, sharing knowledge of international trade.

I wish you much pleasure and inspiration in reading this book. 

Looking forward to seeing you in Apeldoorn!

Ton Heerts

Mayor of the municipality of Apeldoorn