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VanDrie Group

VanDrie Group is world market leader in veal and the largest calf milk-powder producer. In 2016 the revenue was 2,2 billion euro. A world player, but also still a 100% Dutch family business. Started in 1963 by Jan van Drie senior, the company now has 27 daughter companies. The current owners Rene, Jan and Herman van Drie are actively involved in the company, and the third generation is already knocking at the door.

Whole chain

It is remarkable that VanDrie Group controls the complete chain, from producing the food, keeping stock to the delivery of veal and calf skins. “A strong chain emerged through collaboration,” tells Henny Swinkels, director Corporate Affairs at VanDrie Group. “We have the know-how about the complete chain. That’s why we are able to deliver a high-quality end product 24/7.” A unique integral quality system, Safety Guard, ensures all products and processes can be tracked and traced throughout the whole chain. This way VanDrie Group also ensures food safety, animal wellbeing and environmental control.

Veal capital of the world

VanDrie Group has a whole of five companies in the Apeldoorn municipality: ESA, Ekro and Oukro in Apeldoorn and Alpuro and Alpuro Breeding in Uddel. Combined they have 492 employees. Ekro and ESA are hypermodern calf butcheries and the biggest producer of veal products in the world. Oukro processes calf skins. Swinkels: “With our procedure we hardly need any salt. We use less water and chemicals thanks to this.” Alpuro produces muesli and roughage and Alpuro Breeding takes care of everything needed to raise calfs. Imposing companies and according to Swinkels, Apeldoorn is the “veal capital of the world”.

Export to over 60 countries

Every year about 1,5 million calves are butchered and 1,44 million calf skins processed. 95% of the revenue comes from abroad and even 99% for the calf skins. VanDrie Group exports to over 60 countries in the world, but Europe is the most important market. Biggest markets for veal are Italy, Germany and France. 2/3 of the calf skins go to Italy. VanDrie Group has offices in Germany, Belgium, France and Italy and its own sales force. “But also trade missions, embassies and international trade shows are important for us,” according to Swinkels.

Export countries: Veal: mainly Europe, biggest market is in Italy, Germany and France. Calf skins: Mainly Italy, small part in China and Japan.