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John van Tongeren has been involved in the world of pumps and accessories his entire working life. In 2009 he set up Van Tongeren Trading, buying and selling new and used water pumps and related products such as pipes, hoses and fittings. He also supports customers by supplying spare parts for both pumps and drives.


Various usages

The workforce of six is responsible for buying and selling 500 to 700 pumps a year. Many are sold to contractors, well operators and (specialised) rental companies. Pumps are also sold to the mining, farming and industrial sectors for a wide range of uses. Van Tongeren: “Farmers need pumps to spray or irrigate their land. Our pumps are used to drain mines in Africa, Macedonia and Croatia and to keep banana plants wet in Suriname”. Van Tongeren Trading supplied the pumps to keep all the lakes at Euro Disney clean. For industry, it supplies pumps to provide large machines with cooling water or to pump ballast on working ships. There are always 70 to 100 items in stock, so there is always a suitable model on offer for any application.


Speed and flexibility

The strength of the company lies in its enormous flexibility and fast delivery, says Van Tongeren. “This makes all the difference. We have a large stock of different pumps and we can get them anywhere in the world, if we have to, within one or two days by road, sea or air. And we deal with all the paperwork required for export.”  Turnover is increasing year on year. The market is fickle: Africa and Russia are difficult at the moment, Germany has been stable for years and the Netherlands and Belgium are getting better. Thanks to its worldwide coverage, Van Tongeren Trading can adapt to the highs and lows in the different countries well. The company has a good name and reputation in the sector: “Foreign firms really appreciate our flexibility. Many new clients find their way to the company by word of mouth or through the internet. A large part of the revenue now comes from overseas. Van Tongeren Trading sees lots more export opportunities in the maritime sector and in Asia. 


Export countries: Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Russia, Africa, Central and South America