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Vion Apeldoorn

Vion is an international meat producer with production sites in the Netherlands and Germany and sales support offices worldwide. Vion consists of three divisions (Pork, Beef and Food Service) and supplies fresh pork, beef and by-products for retail, food service and the meat processing industry. The company supplies customers in the home markets of the Netherlands and Germany, other countries in Europe and the rest of the world. The head office of Vion is located in Boxtel (the Netherlands). In 2016, an average of 11,507 people (including flex workers) were employed by the company.
Net sales in 2016 amounted to € 4.7 billion.

Vion: trusted partner in meat

Vion is more than just meat. Frans Stortelder, COO Vion Pork: "We want to be a progressive, reliable partner in the food chain and to provide consumers worldwide with safe quality meat. Food safety and integrity, product quality, sustainability, animal welfare and transparency are the basis where Vion stands for. Thanks to recognized quality systems, tracking & tracing and a lot of knowledge and expertise, we can guarantee a certified quality. This puts the company at the forefront and ensures access to the international submarkets. "

Vion Apeldoorn

The Pork division consists of 15 production locations in the Netherlands and Germany. One of the locations in the Netherlands is the pig slaughterhouse in Apeldoorn. In 2017, investments were made in the modernization and expansion of this location. Frans Stortelder, COO Vion Pork: '' Vion Apeldoorn now has state-of-the-art production techniques. This enables us to work even more efficiently and more flexible. ''

Vion Pork has access to virtually all markets worldwide where pork is being consumed. We gear our product range as optimally as possible to the national and global demand for high-quality pork products in markets such as China, the United States, Japan, Korea and Australia. Asia in particular is a growth market where Vion sees many opportunities. Customers and legislators in Asian countries place high demands on the quality, traceability and certification of meat. The investment in Vion Apeldoorn makes it possible to continue to meet the highest certification requirements that are necessary for sales to these markets. Vion Apeldoorn has grown into a state-of-the-art pig slaughterhouse that is ready for the future.

Export countries: Europe, China, USA, South Korea, Japan, Australia