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Thomassen Transport

Reliable, experienced, and committed, that is what the Thomassen family business stands for. With over 140 employees in three locations (Loenen, Deventer and Spankeren), Thomassen Transport has been ensuring the smooth running of its customers’ logistics operations since 1939.

The family business’ flat organisational structure contributes to the optimal productivity of their committed, professional employees. Family values such as cultivating long-term partnerships, short lines of communication and respect for their surroundings are fundamental business values.

Not to mention state-of-the-art automation. The automated scheduling system is maintained by highly experienced planners. The trucks are equipped with onboard computers for real-time communication between vehicles and the back office for transport orders and loading and offloading details. Truck consignment notes are scanned, and the Transport Management System (TMS) is fully integrated into all operational processes. Customers can follow the logistics process (warehousing and transport) in real-time via the client portal.

With 250 trailers and 105 trucks (in-house and chartered), Thomassen Transport specialises in logistics services in the Benelux, Germany, France and Denmark.  For shipping outside these areas, Thomassen Transport works together with local and international partners. Shipments vary from a single pallet to full truck loads. For addresses without loading or offloading equipment, Thomassen Transport supplies mobile forklift trucks. High-volume products are transported efficiently and with the environment in mind with LHVs (longer heavier vehicles) with a 60% greater load capacity. The fleet is modern and is mainly equipped with energy-efficient Euro 6 engines. This allows the business to anticipate future CO2 taxes.


Along the Apeldoorns Kanaal and just a stone’s throw away from the main office, Thomassen B.V. operates a distribution centre with full-service warehousing and transhipment facilities. Goods are stored and transhipped in this 20,000m2 warehouse. Both short-term and long-term storage is available per m2, depending on the customer’s needs. In Spankeren, a newly-built (2019) distribution centre measuring 24,000m2 runs entirely without natural gas as an energy source. Together with the Deventer site, Thomassen Transport has more than 60,000m2 of warehouse space at its disposal.

The logistics department specialises in a variety of fields, including Value Added Logistics activities. This involves the packing, repacking and quality control of customers goods stored in Thomassen warehouses.

The future

Thomassen Transport expects to grow steadily in the coming years. An annual growth of 5 to 10% is realistic based on growth in previous years. The business will focus in the coming years on consolidating its transport network for increased efficiency both in monetary and environmental sustainability terms. Moreover, Thomassen Transport is looking to expand its range of logistics services.