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Companies, both midsized and large, usually choose for existing software to automate their business processes. Parts of this software are very useful, while a much larger part is unneeded, usually these even cause problems and need adjustments. Thinkwise focusses on mid-size and small companies, they model business software to make it fit the business processes exactly so companies can use them to their satisfaction.

Not programming, but modelling 

Thinkwise produces a new generation of business software for critical applications. Based on a virtual blueprint of the processes, software is generated automatically to do exactly what a business needs and can be adjusted without problems. Quick, without the need for custom work, based on a low-code software platform, and for significantly low prices. Thinkwise produces central business applications for companies like VDL Groep, Vacansoleil and Antea Group.

Almost 120 people are employed by Thinkwise. The main office resides in Apeldoorn, but there are also offices in Rotterdam and Eindhoven. The company started in Apeldoorn about 15 years ago (2001). Thinkwise is a renowned player in the IT-world, they were not named best software supplier in 2017 by Computable for nothing.

Thinkwise is a technology company generating revenue from projects. In these projects they develop software solutions. The next strategic development is the worldwide sales of licenses. For this they made first steps in the USA. Thinkwise also works for international clients like the VDL Groep and A.S.Watson. The software is being used in 32 countries already. The company’s performance does not go unnoticed abroad. The independent American research agency Forrester names Thinkwise thé supplier of a low-code platform specialized in custom enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications.

Export countries: 32 countries with focus on Europe and the USA