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TCPM Ingenieurs en Adviseurs

TCPM is an independent engineering and consulting agency established in 1990 in Apeldoorn, the city where the business still has its head office today. Since then, TCPM has grown steadily by helping its customers find solutions for industrial challenges. TCPM today has over 200 professionals divided over five offices in the Netherlands.

TCPM offers a comprehensive package of services for industrial clients in engineering, project management and industrial safety. They offer these services on-site at the customer location or in one of their full-service offices. The clients are mainly large manufacturers or machine manufacturers in the food, capital goods, energy, offshore, and maritime sectors. Their client base includes well-known names such as Heineken, ASML, Siemens, Thales, Alfa Laval, Bosch and Friesland Campina.

What distinguishes TCPM is their knowledge of both engineering, project management and industrial safety. This expertise is optimally applied within the TCPM framework, an integral design method. Therefore, clients are always guaranteed an optimal result: the most effective production tool or technique that meets all regulations and requirements.

Each year, TCPM engineers work on hundreds of projects. For example, TCPM was commissioned by a Dutch steel construction company to work on the design for the roof construction for the new Wembley Stadium in London. 

One fine other example is the development of an asparagus harvesting machine. Together with TCPM engineers, AvL Motion in Westerbeek became the first company in the world to develop a system for the autonomous and selective harvesting of asparagus. The prototype of this asparagus harvesting machine detects and cuts the ripe asparagus and then harvests them. It’s an excellent example of working together on a quality piece of technical engineering.

By entirely focusing on the development of its staff and continued co-creation with clients, TCPM expects to grow into a company with 250 employees in the coming years, as the demand for sustainable production process solutions shows no signs of abating. TCPM is committed to longstanding relationships with its clients and employees; a virtually non-existent turnover of clients and personnel will provide stability in the long term.

Export countries: dozens of countries across all continents with a focus on Europe.