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In 2012, the idea arose at Storro to develop software for secure collaboration. Around that time, it came to light that intelligence agencies could easily gain access to all sorts of documents and files, and cybercrime was skyrocketing. ‘We must be able to develop some kind of system that can guarantee document security,’ the team at Storro thought. Under their own brand name, they developed an application for secure file storage and sharing. That this solution turns out to be unique is apparent in the many international awards that Storro has received for their work. For instance, the European Commission named Storro as one of the most innovative start-ups in Europe, and the prestigious American SXSW awarded the business a spot in the top three as best worldwide security & privacy start-up.

How does it work?

Storro creates a virtual hard drive on your PC, allowing you to access, edit and store files in a secure environment. You can access the drive through File Explorer on your PC, as you would for your other files. Any files that you store in Storro are automatically and locally encrypted. The files are then synchronised with the cloud environment. Any changes made to shared folders are immediately shared with the colleagues, customers, and partners that you have given authorised access to.

This authorisation, as well as any monitoring of changes in files or folders, takes place through Storro’s proprietary blockchain technology. This means that every action is indisputably recorded in Storro via an impenetrable Audit Trail. With this system, every previous version of those files and folders can be recovered, making data loss through cyber-attacks such as ransomware attacks impossible.

Moreover, the files are cut up into tiny data snippets and divided over several storage locations (in encrypted form). These encrypted and fragmented data snippets are delivered and pieced back together at the authorised recipient location.

Speed as another distinguishing factor

Their customers are often organisations that frequently work with confidential documents and wish to do this securely. A second important target audience consists of media companies. In this case, speed is an important concern as well as security. These types of business often experience the limitations of cloud computing services such as Dropbox through automated back-ups that take a long time to complete.

International requests

At the moment, the business is focused on the Netherlands, but thanks to the international awards, an increasing number of requests are coming in from abroad. A unique example of this are the first customers from Tanzania. With unreliable electricity and internet connection availability there, a new advantage of Storro’s system came to light: when the power goes out or the connection fails, you don’t need to resend all your information; Storro will just continue where you left off.

Export countries: Belgium, Germany, Tanzania