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Wholesale buyer Stockbusters BV is a company involved with the purchase and sale of overstocks, stocklots, and retail and warehouse stocks, both in the Netherlands and abroad. The main areas of sale are non-food items, with toys (from China) and domestic appliances forming the bulk of sales.

The company is located in Apeldoorn, works with an average of 10 employees and has around 1500 to 2000 pallets of bulk goods stored in their warehouse in Apeldoorn. Their trademark is their trustworthiness. They are transparent about their wares and the status of their wares and always follow through on agreements. At Stockbusters, they do what they promise, quickly and efficiently, and they specialise in certain product groups.    

The owner, Barry Kloppenburg, inherited this entrepreneurial spirit from his father. His father had founded numerous companies and handed them off to others before setting up something new.

After Barry had spent several years serving in the army at various locations abroad, he chose to settle down in the Netherlands. His generation has been around since the beginning of the Internet age, and the Internet has always fascinated him. Combined with his business acumen, this knowledge formed the basis for his career in bulk trading via the Internet under the name:  Stockbusters. Barry is quite proud of the business he has set up over the past 20 years in the bulk goods trading industry.

Stockbusters has many regular customers for both the sale and purchasing of goods. His customers are informed of available stocks through targeted mailings. In the past, visits were paid to many international fairs, but everything turned digital when the COVID-19 pandemic struck.

50% of the purchasing occurs in the Netherlands, with the remainder in the Benelux and France. The transportation costs become too high when purchasing anything beyond these regions. Items are sometimes sold far below cost price because of bankruptcies, overstocks or damaged goods.  Varying collections associated with savings programmes from large companies are also often purchased.

Sales mostly take place in Europe, but primarily in Romania, Germany and Iraq. 90% of the items are purchased for export. Stockbusters’ clients resell these products or use them as free promotional items with the sale of other goods.

Both the supply and demand side of the business have their ups and downs. 

Export countries: Europe and Iraq