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Stappenbelt Specialized Brand Store

Gert Stappenbelt was – and still is – a well-known competitive mountain bike racer in the Netherlands. During the late 1980s, he became acquainted with the American top brand Specialized. Gert and his wife, Roelien, are both passionate about sports cycling and know only too well the high demands placed on equipment by serious sports cyclists; that’s why they bike with Specialized material.

The largest assortment of Specialized bikes in the Netherlands

Roelien and Gert set up their sports bike shop in Apeldoorn in 1992. Their assortment of Specialized bikes and accompanying accessories has grown enormously since then. The entire surface area of the business premises (750 m2) on Kanaal Noord in Apeldoorn is filled with it. Here you will find the widest selection and the largest stock of Specialized equipment in the Netherlands, varying from a balance bike for the youngest cyclists to sporty city bikes, mountain bikes and racing bikes – with or without electricity.

The business’ main strength lies in the service they provide to their fellow brand lovers. All ten employees, without exception, have been or are still active in the competitive sporting world and therefore have extensive know-how on adjusting and maintaining the bikes to suit the user’s needs.

Personal custom-made fit

Two employees spend each day carrying out Retül Fit analyses on the premises to find the optimal fit for every cyclist. During this analysis, all the positional values of the body are registered. This means that the entire alignment of the lower body – knees, ankles, hips – are mapped out during each pedal stroke, for instance. The system also collects three-dimensional data on the movement of the injury-prone knee joint. Then it’s the upper body’s turn to determine the optimal handlebar width and bike stem length and depth.   The system measures many different data points to provide a fully dynamic analysis of the body posture. Nonetheless, the communication between the cyclist and the employee is essential for achieving the desired result.

This personalized analysis is greatly appreciated by the customers, both competitive sporters and cycling enthusiasts. Customers from across the country and even further abroad come to Apeldoorn for this test. 


Besides many types of bikes, Stappenbelt also offers an extensive range of parts, clothing, helmets, bags and much more. These are also frequently sold through their own webshop. An increasing number of orders are placed with the webshop from abroad. 

Export countries: Belgium, Germany, United Kingdom, Sweden, Switzerland, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia etc.