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Smart Packaging Solutions

Sustainable, reliable, innovative, bespoke packaging

Meat and poultry, fish, flowers, fruit and vegetables - all vulnerable, perishable products. Smart Packaging Solutions, which has been making paper and cardboard in Loenen since 1921, has developed The Perfect Body to preserve and transport these products, chilled or frozen.  Sustainable, reliable, innovative, bespoke packaging, guaranteed to retain quality and keep food safe.

About us

Smart Packaging Solutions has been active as a packaging specialist since 1989 and now has a workforce of 475. Managing Director Dirk Schut: “With three high-tech, wholly-integrated sales and production locations at Loenen in the Netherlands and Meer and Oudegem in Belgium, we have an annual capacity of 150,000 tons of sturdy, cardboard packaging. Smart Packaging Solutions is a Belgian business and forms part of the family firm VPK.  As a group, we are in a position to support our customers locally with the knowledge, quality and level of service of a world-renowned multinational.”

We make it sustainable

Smart Packaging Solutions uses energy and raw materials sparingly. The packaging is made from old paper that is recycled in its own factories to produce strong, moisture-resistant cardboard that itself can be 100% recycled. Experience the power!

Smart Packaging Solutions has signed up to the energy policy agreement EBO, so its energy philosophy revolves around keeping its ecological impact to a minimum. The company generates its own energy and is investing in modern, sustainable machines with more efficient motors.

We make it happen

The food and ornamental horticulture industries present logistical challenges every single day. Fresh and frozen products have to be packaged immediately, which requires a constant supply of containers. Sometimes 100,000 of them a day. With branches close to the world ports of Antwerp and Rotterdam, and just-in-time logistics, Smart Packaging Solutions is a reliable supplier of high-quality packaging for organisations based all over the world.


“Besides supply to our home market, we have set up stock locations at various strategic sites in Europe in the last few years to provide just-in-time supplies,” says Dirk Schut. “We also export our packaging to Asia and to North and South America.”     

Export countries: United Kingdom, Ireland, Scandinavia, Belgium, USA, Asia and South America