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Shada BV was established in 2007 by Jos Boas Berg. Shada is an importer and distributor of LED lights, LED fittings and LED lighting accessories. The main office is located in Apeldoorn, and the company also has an office in China (Hangzhou) and in Hünstetten, Germany.  

The company’s 50 staff are highly experienced in the lighting market. Shada specialises in the delivery of quality products for affordable prices. The products are sold under its private label (LED’s Light, LED’s Work & LED’s Light Pro) to the corporate market. These are primarily builders’ merchants, specialised distributors and other retailers. About 70% of the range is sold outside of the Netherlands. Most of the products are delivered to the Benelux and German-speaking countries, with some direct deliveries to large chain distribution centres in the rest of Europe. This allows Shada to customise aspects such as labelling and packaging for delivery if required.

The warehouse stocks an extensive range of lighting products. This includes outdoor lighting, ceiling lighting, garden lights, LED panels, spotlights, torches, work lights, wide-beam downlights, LED strips, LED tubes and lights in various sizes and fittings, such as E14 E40 and E27 fittings or lights with special fittings such as GU10, G9, G4 or T8.

What makes Shada unique is that it does much more than simply supply these products. The company works together with retail chains to design bespoke shelving and offer in-store marketing advice and support. Shada has an in-house testing and development centre that monitors the quality of the lights and fittings and tests the lights for the number of burning hours.

The design and development team also works on in-house product development that is then prototyped and produced. An excellent example of this is the new range featuring smart items, called Idinio. This range currently consists of 12 products, where you can use your smartphone to control different types of lights and cameras.

The company is growing rapidly and is expected to continue to grow by expanding its range and strengthening distribution channels in its export countries.

Export countries: Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland, Austria and other countries in Europe