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Schouten Machines

Schouten Machines BV stands for a healthy family business with a reputation for quality, reliability and innovation! Producing the finest quality is Schouten’s defining characteristic. And it shows in their products.

A genuine family business

The business was founded in 1971 by the father of the two current directors and was initially a small mechanisation company, specialising mainly in agricultural equipment repairs. Today, Schouten has developed into a full-service manufacturing company with in-house engineering to produce equipment for the agricultural and public green space sectors.  Their customers are mainly contractors and larger dairies. The acquisition of Schepers Techniek Hoogeveen (STH) in 2000 led to the addition of an assortment of machines aimed at the public green space sector. This sector includes municipalities, sporting facilities, road maintenance services and nature management organisations.


Schouten’s machines for the agricultural sector are mainly geared towards the dairy sector. This includes feeding wagons, grassland injectors, slurry tankers, drag-hose systems and ditchers.

A different range of products caters to the green space sector.  Sweepers, mow-scarifier wagons, mow-loading wagons and aerating machines comprise Schouten Machine BV’s machine assortment in that respect.


A large part of the company’s sales takes place outside the Netherlands. The main export markets are Germany (the largest export market with a specialised export manager at Schouten), Belgium, the United Kingdom and Denmark, countries where the quality of Shouten’s products are highly valued and where the total cost of ownership is given precedence over low-cost pricing.

Besides these countries, Schouten also supplies less regularly to countries such as France, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, the United States, and Canada.

Export countries: Germany, Belgium, the United Kingdom and Denmark.