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Saxion Export Center

The Saxion Export Center (in short: SEC) opens the world of international trade for HBO students. Intensive contacts with SMEs in the Eastern Netherlands are an essential part of this.


The policy of the higher education institution Saxion is aimed at intensifying cooperation with the business community in the east of the Netherlands. This cooperation is given shape in many ways, whereby the commitment of a student is of course essential.

Saxion Export Center (SEC)

ne of the initiatives in cooperation with the industry is the SEC. SME companies that want to orientate themselves internationally or wrestle with export issues, but do not know where to start or how to take the next step, would do well to contact the SEC

Maintain knowledge and talent! 

The SEC has various initiatives in which students come into contact with international issues of entrepreneurs. Two programs form the core: the Export Development Program (short: EDP) and the Cross Border Talent (short: CBT). Unlike the EDP, the CBT only targets 1 country, namely Germany. As soon as the student starts their graduation semester, he / she can apply for one of the two programs. If proved suitable, he / she will be offered the opportunity to carry out a challenging international graduation project commissioned by a company from the Apeldoorn region. Following the graduation assignment, the student, now graduated, will put the recommendations of the research into practice as an export trainee. Thanks to this program, the student is active for a company for a year (6 months graduation and 6 months trainee phase). Dozens of companies have already participated in the EDP in recent years and it appears that 40% of the trainees have been given a job at the same company after completing the trainee phase. Valuable international knowledge and experience will therefore remain for the company and the region! 


With all your questions about the SEC's programs, you can contact:

Mr. Drs. Sascha Leuftink:
Ms. Nicole Scheffer:
International Business School
M.H. Trumpet 28
7513 AB Enschede
T: 06-53587084 (Sascha) / 06-19073973 (Nicole)