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Saab Technologies

Saab Technologies is active in aviation and shipping throughout the world. The company supplies integrated radar tracking and alarm systems for ports and airports.

Saab Technologies: big in traffic safety systems

For an international companysuch as Saab Technologies, the world is the market; the concept of export is therefore presented in a different light. It is better to ask the question in which countries the company does not carry out any activities. If we view the continents, they are least active in Africa. There the activities are limited to Egypt, South Africa, Angola, Nigeria, Tanzania and Morocco. If we look at the worldwide turnover, it is divided as follows: America 10%, Sweden 41%, Europe 17%, Africa 2%, Asia 24% and Australia 6%. Saab has 130 offices all over the world, and employs 15,000 people. The total turnover amounts to around 3 billion euros, of which 70% is earned in the defense industry. The office in Apeldoorn was known as HITT until 2012 and was taken over by Saab in that year. A hundred employees work in Apeldoorn. Most of their turnover is earned in the Benelux. Customers include Rijkswaterstaat, Schiphol and the Port of Rotterdam.

Imagine an aircraft landing, the control tower gives permission to land, but the air traffic controller does not see that there still is a vehicle on the runway. The Saab warning system does see this, so the traffic controller can take measures. Another example: the helmsman has to sail his 200-meter-long oil tanker safely into the harbor in dense fog. He does not even see the front of the ship, so that will be a hazardous situation. Again, Saab's integrated systems are ready and the ship can enter the port anyway. However, the best surveillance system is the integrated monitoring of a 35-kilometer bridge in Shanghai that connects the port with the mainland. Saab ensures that no ship sails against the bridge and that every moment approximately ten thousand ships are being monitored.

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