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Refurn BV is an initiative from Weee Nederland that collects and recycles discarded electrical and electronic devices. Refurn's CEO Vincent de Graaf: "Besides meeting legal obligations for manufacturers, our major focal points are innovation, education, carbon-neutral collection and a social, circular economy." Refurn was founded in 2016; since then, its team has grown to nearly 30 employees. Refurn applies its CSR policy by creating jobs for people who are distanced from the labour market.

The Sustainable Alternative: a new life for boilers and solar panels!

Refurn collects old boilers, boiler parts and polystyrene, and refurbishes any usable parts. In addition, Refurn collects and recycles solar panels. Refurn's mission is to execute the processing of this waste stream in a sustainable, socially responsible way. Refurn is located in the building of the Dutch e-waste centre in Apeldoorn. The e-waste centre has a Weeelabex certification and processes the collected boilers; this Weeelabex certification is the quality standard for processing e-waste. The processing of old boilers and solar panels must meet environmental requirements and the criteria of the Dutch Working Conditions Act. Furthermore, companies must be certified by law to be able to dismantle old boilers. All parts are as good as new! 

Building services engineering

Boilers and components are regularly replaced in the building services engineering field. The parts are often discarded as bulky waste, and the boilers end up at the scrap iron dealer to be processed. Re-usable components are lost as a result. Handing over your old boilers and discarded parts to Refurn puts an end to that. Refurn compensates you for the submitted materials and puts collection facilities at your disposal. The waste stream is processed in an environmentally responsible manner.

Refurn also collects defective automatic burner relays, ventilators, three-way valve motors and cartridges. After revision and inspection, the parts are resold to the building services industry at substantially lower prices than new parts so building services providers and their customers can benefit.

A wide range of customers

In The Netherlands, Refurn has built up an impressive customer base which is expanding rapidly due to the quality of Refurn's products. Meanwhile, interest in Refurn from abroad is increasing. The company is currently a proud supplier of products with the proper documents to an top-level building services company in Ukraine. Refurn expects a rapidly growing customer base in other countries, specifically in Eastern Europe.


Export countries: Ukraine