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Royal Reesink

The current CEO, Gerrit van der Scheer, grew up with Royal Reesink. His father was a smith in a village near Zwolle and his supplier was Royal Reesink. This is not a surprise, because the company has been around for 231 years. Royal Reesink is in the first place a trading company and second a production company. About 1800 employees work at Reesink, the company has offices inland and abroad, the revenue for 2017 will be around 650 million euros.

An international player for logistics, earthworks, material handling and agriculture. 

Royal Reesink is active in earthworks, scenic maintenance, logistics, agriculture and material handling (forklifts). The company supplies machines to these branches. This can be either their own brand, Kaweco, or Lalesse (automatic cranes and warehouse equipment), or other brands such as Kobelco, Linde, Toro, Claas and Kuhn. Reesink is also supplier of ‘smart solutions’. Both for logistics, as agriculture. The company has project- and engineering departments, in all its divisions, for development of smart solutions. Part of the company’s developed solutions are warehouse organization in which self-driving cranes fill up the warehouses with goods and robots take care of picking orders.

Royal Reesink not only has offices in the Netherlands. The company also has eleven offices in Kazakhstan, which generate a revenue of 60 million euros. The company also has offices in Germany, Belgium, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Denmark and Turkey, Also Reesink supplies Poland and the Scandinavian countries, amongst others. About 50% of the company’s revenue comes from abroad.

Van de Scheer is satisfied with the developments of the Kazakhstan revenue. “We only started five years ago and things moved really fast from then on. We contribute a substantial share in the development of the country with our solutions.”
For the future Van de Scheer expects growth especially in Africa and mainly from Tanzania and South-Africa, “over there we have a lot to contribute to the logistic solutions and the development of high quality food.”

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